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Alma Cunningham Certified Life Coach -"what's your story"?


What's "YOUR STORY" in Life?

We determine how we feel by the meaning we create. All our upsets are based on the meaning we make. Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning we give it. We always give it a label like…humiliation, frustration, stress or we're Not Good Enough. We are most often on auto pilot and we get STUCK!

Our Pain starts with the feeling of loss. But 1st we have to perceive it as loss and create this meaning. This is where we create our state of being and a belief system. We too often create what should be, not the way it is.

An upset is always about a loss, but we don’t really loose it. It only transforms but is never lost…Like: love or respect. You never really loose it. You just create a meaning that you do. 

Did I ever Really MAKE YOU FEEL disrespected or did you make it a "Story or a Meaning"?

The state we’re in (in the moment) powerfully impacts the meaning we associate to it.

We Can Change our State. Sometimes we lose something and never had it to begin with. Often, it’s about an allusion of loss or expectation. The allusion creates a Hurt and we create a sense of loss and then we create upset, frustration and anger.

Love or Loss? These responses are either a loving response or a cry for help! There are only 2 basic responses we really operate from. Loss will often lead to hurt and then anger or resentment or depression.

So, Why do we respond with a cry for help with anger?

Who gets help when we are Both Angry? Some of us confront with resentment or keep it inside until it becomes depression. When someone responds with a cry for help with anger or yelling. Instead, we need to respond with love.

This skill will change your life if you commit to changing the real meaning and break the story and the pattern.  Be careful of the meaning of the label we make to the meaning. For example, one might say "my life has been over for past the 5 years because my boyfriend left me". Remember, We are the producer of our play. Is it a drama or a love story?We need to Put our past in a file and write a new meaning.

We don’t want to drive into the future while looking into our rear view mirror do we?     
​ It’s not the event, it’s what we do with it that determines the quality of our life.

Ask yourself, what’s great about this event. What meaning do I associate and assign to it determines how and what I do throughout my life. Am I communicating dis-empowering or empowering meanings?

Nothing has any meaning other than what we give to it!

​What's Your Story?.

Ask yourself, If Not NOW... WHEN?

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